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Purchase Guinea Pigs

Buying guinea pigs is easy but you’ll need to keep several things in mind for animal welfare. In this category at Guinea Pig Advisor we’ll inform you about the pros and cons of cavies and we will give you all answers you’ll need for keeping cavies correct, put them together and familiarize it properly.

Buying guinea pigs is cheap and easy. If you see cavies in pet shops you might think that keeping it is quite simple as well. But welfare keeping is difficult because its life circle can be more than 10 years. Also cavies needs much more space and bigger cages than other small rodents like hamster.

It is important to become clear of keeping guinea pigs before buying them.

If you want to buy Guinea Pigs

  • Consideration for keeping cavies

    The pros and cons about Guinea Pigs

    We decided to keep Guinea Pigs unintended. Our first cavy came along as a holiday supervision but it remained because of some serious allergy of its origin owner. Years later we’ve got more than 10 Guinea Pigs and for the first time we have made a comprehensive list about the pros & cons of keeping Guinea Pigs. Here are the results.

  • A cavy is not a toy!

    Guinea Pigs as pets for childs?

    Parents who are looking for the best pets to their kids often take into consideration with Guinea Pigs. But Guinea Pigs are animals with individual needs in which child could not entirely recognize nor fulfil. A child has not that needed sense of responsibility itself but with guidance of their parents Guinea Pigs and Kids could be a great friendship. It is essential that not only the childs gets the pets: The whole familiy nor at least one parent should effort and be informed about cavies.

  • Important considerations

    Should i keep Guinea Pigs as pet?

    Who decided to buy Guinea pigs gets a lot of responsibility. Because of its size people often think (shop assistants in pet shops too) it is quite easy to keep cavies like hamster. But Guinea Pigs has different and difficult requirements to keep them species-appropriate. So you should ask yourself some questions before you buy them.

  • Buy Guinea Pigs

    Animal shelter, breeder or pet shop?

    So you decided to buy Guinea pigs and start your own animals husbandry. Sounds good! There are some options where to buy your new fur housemates but not all of them seems to be a good idea if you want to buy healthy and fit animals, and who wants not? So take care where to buy them. We tell you something about buying cavies.