Cute party in the cage

Guinea Pig babys

Sometime you did not only buy one Guinea pig – because it is pregnant. Soon you’ll get a whole pride in your cage. There are some essential information about cavy pregnancy. We tell you everything important information you have to know about.

Bought cavies from pet shops are sometimes pregnant without any sign further information about it. This is an embarrassing result due to the horrible breeding from where the pet – or any similar shop get the Guinea Pigs itself. Guinea Pig breeding is mostly shameful shoddier than industrial livestock farming and also very young cavies get pregnant.

So we have got some tips for you about pregnancy, birth and cavy babys.

Furthermore we want to ask about the sense of wishes of many cavy owners to get their own Guinea Pigs pregnant. It is no good idea to get babys only because of its cuteness.

Everything about cavy pregnancy

  • Guinea Pig sexing & sexual maturity

    If one of your Guinea Pigs is pregnant it will be soon important to know which sex the new born babies are because male get sexual maturity very soon and there is a possible risk of unwanted pregnancy. The sexing can be made at date of birth. If you have tried to determine sex of your Guinea Pigs but you are not 100% sure please ask a verinerian or an breeder. A presumption can be fast going wrong.