Guinea Pig genetics

There are several genetically dispositions within the species of Guinea Pigs and they come across in many different races, colors and fur marking. Everything what seems to be cute will be targeted by breeding it. We inform about all genetic defined differences.

Some Guinea Pig races are disputed. Everything what seems cute or useful will be forced by determined breeding and results in cruel breeds. Useful is often everything what makes money.

But anyway there is a huge amount of harmless and also cute Guinea Pig races. At this genetic pages at Guinea Pig Advisor we tell you everything about genetics.

Who knows the differences is able to determine their own cavies easy.

The diversity of Guinea Pigs

  • Guinea Pig breeds

    Cavies come along in very difficult appearance and behaviour. Breeders have created a lot of different types of Guinea Pigs by selective breeding to emerge some characteristics or even to avoid it. Different breedings are defined by some organisations wordwide and for most types of cavies there is a consensus of dertermining them. This page explains the definitions and tells you how you can determine your pigs.