The Guinea Pig Advisor has been founded back in 2005 in Germany and has become one of the most popular german resource for cavy owners. In 2015 we decided to translate our whole content bit by bit for this international website. We are still in the translation process and serveral pages are still (bad) translated by bots. Please be patient or try the german version meanwhile. 🙂 

Since many years the Guinea Pig Advisor is a reliable source for information, help and assistance about cavies. If you read our homepage carefully you’ll get fit to keep guinea pigs successful indoor or outdoor.

Everything about Guinea Pigs

  • Should i keep only one cavy in a cage?
  • Tolerate male cavies each other?
  • What is the Glandula caudalis?
  • Why does my cavy eat its own feces?
  • How big has a cage for Guinea Pigs to be?
  • What’s about the menu and what’s toxic?
  • What are the known diseases and how can I determine them?
  • What is the race, color and fur markings of my pig?
  • How can I keep my cavies species-appropriate?

All these questions and much more will be answered here. Try out the search function get your information quicker. May be you’ll start with the Guinea Pig Lexicon?

Guinea Pig Advisor does not displace a veterinarian

Please take care about that this page – especially the diseases section – can never displace a veterinarian and every information at this page is given without any warranty or guaranty. We are all no vets and our information given is a result of huge years of experience in keeping cavies and indented about frustrating misinformation on the web or in books. Please: Is one of your cavies ill, don’t hesitate to search for a vet. It is essential to the welfare of your pet.

Recently published

The latest plublished arcticles at Guinea Pig Advisor:

  • Keeping Guinea Pigs in a cage

    in Keeping guinea pigs

    Cages from pet shops are often advertised as very useful for Guinea Pigs and shall be appropriate to the species. In fact: Most of this cages are not! Especially the top wired cages with a plastic tumb – also the biggest ones of it – are way too small for Guinea Pigs. Insufficient spcace will induce stress and continuous stress is the main reason for most diseases your cavies can encounter. So lets have a look how a Guinea Pig cage should be to keep them fit and healthy.

  • Guinea Pig sexing & sexual maturity

    in Guinea Pig babys

    If one of your Guinea Pigs is pregnant it will be soon important to know which sex the new born babies are because male get sexual maturity very soon and there is a possible risk of unwanted pregnancy. The sexing can be made at date of birth. If you have tried to determine sex of your Guinea Pigs but you are not 100% sure please ask a verinerian or an breeder. A presumption can be fast going wrong.

  • Guinea Pigs as pets for childs?

    in Purchase Guinea Pigs

    Parents who are looking for the best pets to their kids often take into consideration with Guinea Pigs. But Guinea Pigs are animals with individual needs in which child could not entirely recognize nor fulfil. A child has not that needed sense of responsibility itself but with guidance of their parents Guinea Pigs and Kids could be a great friendship. It is essential that not only the childs gets the pets: The whole familiy nor at least one parent should effort and be informed about cavies.

  • Guinea Pigs are pack animals an need company

    in Keeping guinea pigs

    Guinea Pigs are very social individuals and live in groups greater than 10 in their natural habitate. Individual enclosure of a Guinea Pig is animal cruelty. Of course they won’t complain about but thats a bad argument. And keeping one Guinea Pig with one rabbit has never been an elegant option even you have been told so.

  • Biting lice infestation in Guinea Pigs

    in Guinea Pig diseases

    Biting lice are annoying parasites for Guinea Pigs and last but not least for you as cavy keeper if you have to defeat them. Biting lice may affect the fur completely depending on how severe the infestation is and increase its population fast. Problems with hair and fur are consquences which affect general health of your pig.